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How It Works

We consider ourselves to be problem solvers and practice responsible recycling.

Altr-B Inc can be your partner with asset recovery goods, scrap disposal and recycling, with an array of offerings that can be combined or customized for you.

Altr-B Inc ability to accurately assess your material is the key to successful asset recovery.

Altr-B Inc can retrieve your material, requiring no transportation costs or logistics responsibility from you.

When your ewaste reaches our facility, the product is separated, disassembled and categorized by material. Then, it is shredded (by material).

Upon the finalizing of our recycling/recovery process, we will issue a Certificate of Destruction confirming the processes were executed, a settlement statement detailing refined material, net and gross weights, and any applicable settlement check.

Altr-B Inc has developed a wide range of strategies and processes for dealing with materials placed in its stewardship. Not the least of these is absolute accountability that begins with lot identification, real time tracking and documentation through every step of every process. Your material and only your material are treated separately, during any given phase of processing. We recognize that clients are increasingly seeking to recover optimal returns from secondary assets through the following streams: Our customers are greatly valued and we work with them to build a relationship and to understand their needs. We work hard to find the best solution to fulfill those needs in the safest and most environmentally sound manner. A recycling program that details the means by which e-waste will be collected and disposed of is created in conjunction with the customer.

For your protection, we will issue your company a "Certificate of Data Destruction" and "Certificate of Disposal" which will guaranty the appropriate destruction of your company’s sensitive data and equipment.