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About Alter-B Inc.

Altr-B Inc and Asset Recovery Company based in Houston, TX, was established in 2000. Altr-B Inc. is committed to maximizing the recovery value of excess and obsolete electronics that are at its end of life. Altr-B Inc offers three options when recycling electronics, demanufacturing, refurbishing and shredding.

Altr-B. Inc. has equipped its business practices for the purpose of serving our communities growing concerns which are improper disposal of reusable products such as Cardboard, Paper plastics, electronics and metals. our goals are to meet the challenges to make the appropriate change that will help solve environment issues .With more than an decade of experience Altr B. Inc will work with all businesses and help with the development of one stop solutions for all of there recyclable materials. Altr-B. Inc will designate a representative for your company to insure full communication of all business practices.

ALTR-B Electronics Recycling has all the required environmental permits and registrations and follows all the environmental protection agency rules and regulations.

For your protection, we will issue your company a "Certificate of Data Destruction" and "Certificate of Disposal" which will guaranty the appropriate destruction of your company’s sensitive data and equipment.