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Asset Recovery and IT Reprocessing Services

Altr B. Inc. offers economical alternatives for safe and responsible disposal of unwanted IT equipment.

Our asset recovery, resale and disposal solutions provide customers with the financial benefits of selling existing computers without getting involved with the logistics or complexities of the second hand market. We even offer the optional service of de-installation, data destruction and on-site auditing on everything from workstations to Enterprise-class servers. If you want to avoid the hassle and potential damage associated with packing and shipping your items, we offer transportation and packaging services at your location for an end-to-end solution.

Through our global network of remarketers, brokers and retail sales channels we work to obtain the highest possible value for your un-required & surplus IT assets.

Data Sanitisation

Data sanitisation is crucial for any equipment that is headed into the secondary market of refurbishment, recycling and resale. PC and server hard drives contain sensitive data (e.g., medical records, financial data, customer or employee data), the last thing any organisation wants is for your data to show up in a flea market somewhere. Companies face not only the risks directly associated with data loss but also the negative publicity that goes with it. Altr B. Recycling Inc. follows a very stringent data destruction process to Department of Defence 3x overwrite specification and handles many government and defence department decommissioned assets.

Asset Reporting

Altr B. Inc. can provide a range of asset reporting services from on-site inventory to detailed per-asset testing to ascertain product type, configuration, condition, quantity and location for the purpose of assigning value and tracking decommissioned assets.

Environmentally safe disposal

For non-functioning and non-marketable IT assets we de-manufacture your IT equipment into component parts and recyclable content. De-manufacturing ensures the maximum re-use and recycling of components and harvestable commodities and assists to mitigate the downstream costs of disposal.

Altr B. Inc. follows the strictest environmental guidelines for the way that equipment is dismantled, sorted and recycled to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.

Please contact us on 713 498 1813 or email us for assistance with a solution.

For your protection, we will issue your company a "Certificate of Data Destruction" and "Certificate of Disposal" which will guaranty the appropriate destruction of your company’s sensitive data and equipment.